Saturday, January 30, 2010

IATA Artist in the Spotlight

Lacy Vitko is and artist and art therapist that I met through serving on the board of the Illinois Art Therapy Association (IATA). Her work is striking, complex, and thought provoking. Lacy's work has been featured on IATA's member gallery on

See her artist's statement below:

My artwork is a visual extraction, whereby what is internally present externalizes through an interrelated system of mental and emotional narratives. Through a process of free association I allow my mind to quiet and wait for a form to appear. Beginning with one color and an abstract form a simple composition takes shape. As I continue building, the configuration of parts allows for thoughts and connections to emerge and interactions are witnessed within the image. A largely intuitive engagement becomes intellectual as the internal snapshots are meditated on.

The desire to understand the forces behind charged emotions, combined with the deep need to release them is what ultimately drives my work. Ones psychological landscape is rich with mystery, illusion, truth, confusion, and allure, an expansive universe just waiting to be uncovered. My work is about diving within and transforming what’s found. The inherent flow found in this process creates a baseline vibration, a place for incoming information to arrive. From here the exploration begins again, opening new pathways radiating with new life. Creating through two-dimensional form is my channel to this inner system.

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