Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Power in Process

The painting, "Seven: Power," is part of an ongoing series called "Deities." In this series, the type of strengths and weaknesses of each deity are directly related to the number of faces, or entities, from which each deity is composed. This entry is documents that process of creating the image.The original design was reminiscent of links in a chain. I wanted each face to be clearly linked.
Next came the basic color scheme. A bit of a nod to biblical references, "Seven" was intended to appear as a spinning column of fire. As this piece was to represent a profoundly powerful deity, it seemed that it would burn with blue or white flames. The green under painting was intended to match the blue fire that would come in later layers.
Initial detail work in neutral browns.
The greens were abandoned as the blue fire began to feel too conceptual and not aesthetic. I love when the actual application strips away my over-thinking. Warm flesh tones matched the reds, oranges, and yellows.
A layer of pure color provides the structure for the flames.
Black from the tube applied with a large dry brush provided the variety and depth necessary to make the flames look as though they were bursting right through the canvas.
Finishing touches added to soften transitions between figure, flame, and background. Completed painting stands 5 feet tall.

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